Support Passive Activism | Dana

Introducing and referring to the concept of dana, if my ways and work speak to you and you would like to support, please feel free to do so here.
This allows me to share what I may share in the context of meditation and input for a regenerative culture without having to put a prize on it.
I believe the understanding and ways that I try to convey are in essence a birthright and should be gifted and freely available.

I do think it is time to be courageous, and I think it is time to implement new ways, and ways that do not replicate conventional structures and dependencies.

I hope my website gives you an insight into what I do and what I stand for.

Any financial support will be used for necessary living expenses and to support the projects I am involved in.
The help might be a small or big monthly contribution, or a small or big one time gift.

Please know that any support or cooperative effort surely is greatly appreciated.

All my best wishes.

Lars Schmidt