Lars Schmidt, multidisciplinary artist, dancer, natural thinker, activist, facilitator

_MLitt in Fine Arts Practice and Performance, Glasgow School of Arts
_Diploma of Applied Permaculture Design

"I believe that true presence is the greatest gift we can offer to another, and to mountains and rivers."

Besides engaging in the creative process in various artforms (sound, visual arts and dance), Lars has curated interdisciplinary projects linking the arts and improvisation with ecological and contemplative understanding, and facilitated workshops in the US, Latin America and Europe.

After initiating and facilitating the Art, Ecology & Education Project in 2006 in Berlin, in 2009 he laid out a Declaration of Cultural Revolutionaries of Western Thought, in the context of a project of the same name, and consequently, in 2010 conceived The Natural Circus (2010-2018) as a life-art project, that might probably be best described as a pilgrimage and form of resistance.

Regarding art as a way of coming-to-knowing, his Master of Fine Arts thesis was called The Arts in Service: On Learning to Live and to Die, Improvisation as Way of Being and Ecological Practice

Lars is a member of the International Ecoart Network.

Formative years in New York City and Berlin.

Background and studies in fine and performing arts, dance and somatics, photography, film, ecology and anthropology.

He has worked internationally as actor for film and TV, as acting coach and director.

In dance and bodywork his path led from classical and modern dance training to working with postmodern dance forms and improvisation.

Lars also worked, lived and learned on organic farms and with shepherds in France, Italy and Norway.

Besides the deep immersion into rural areas and retreated life, he has been living and working in cultural melting pots like like New York, Paris, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Barcelona or Oslo.

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