Lars Schmidt
Mountains and Rivers
are Speaking -

We may learn to listen

Support Passive Activism

If my ways and work speak to you and you would like to support, please feel free to do so.

What I personally hope to contribute to the (Earth-) community, might ultimately be seen as impulses and know-how towards rebalance, using whatever sensibilities and abilities are available to me.
I hope my website gives you some sort of introduction to this.

Any financial support, which is definitely needed, will be used for necessary living expenses and artistic materials/projects/work.
Alas, this might be a small or big monthly contribution or a small or big one time gift.

I do think it is time to be courageous, and I think it is time to implement new ways.

Please know that any support or cooperative effort surely is greatly appreciated.

All my best wishes.
Lars Schmidt

ps: I am currently looking for a home base as living and work space, and as a tool for the implementation and materialization of projects.
Certainly, if there is an old house or farm that needs somebody to live in and breathe life into it, I am interested.
A description of my approach and vision you find here.

Bank Account: Heinrich Schmidt
Reference: New Ways
IBAN: DE 46585501300000628206
Sparkasse Trier