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I think the great man of tomorrow in the way of art cannot be seen, should not be seen, and should go underground. He may be recognized after his death if he has any luck, but he may not be recognized at all. Going underground means not having to deal in money terms with society. - Marcel Duchamp, The Afternoon Interviews by Calvin Tompkins, 1964

Until the arts and the artist do not develop another theory which describes the future society beyond capitalistic and communistic, until then there is no hope to discuss in an interesting way the role of art and the structure of art in society. - Joseph Beuys

To me these quotes point towards a common direction.
I think we are at a time where artists need to be community supported, not unlike the concept of community supported agriculture, actually.
Why? Because it allows you to not have to sell yourself, or your work, and make it accessible to 'the market'.
Just as the farmer does not have to produce carrots that have a certain length and use methods that do not consider the health of soil and people, but rather focus on quantity of production and demands from 'the market'.

Alas, with the immediate support of a community, you can concentrate and investigate on what feels needed, healthy and for the good of all.

If my ways and work speak to you and you would like to support, please feel free to do so.

What I personally hope to contribute to the (Earth-) community, might ultimately be seen as impulses and know-how towards rebalance, using whatever sensibilities and abilities are available to me.
I hope my website gives you some sort of introduction to this.

Any financial support, which is definitely needed, will be used for necessary living expenses and artistic materials/projects/work.
Alas, this might be a small or big monthly contribution or a small or big one time gift.

I do think it is time to be courageous, and I think it is time to implement new ways.

Please know that any support or cooperative effort surely is greatly appreciated.

All my best wishes.
Lars Schmidt

ps: I am currently looking for a home base as living and work space, and as a tool for the implementation and materialization of projects.
Certainly, if there is an old house or farm that needs somebody to live in and breathe life into it, I am interested.
A description of my approach and vision you find here.

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